Does Web Design Have an Effect on SEO?

You contribute brilliant content to your site daily, but you’re not getting the SEO results you wanted. What’s the problem?SEO and Web Design InfoGraphic

It could be your web design.

Content presented on a well-optimized site will perform better than identical content on a poorly optimized one. That’s because search engines utilize bots to perform their searches.

These bots have been programmed to search for your queries while simultaneously ranking relevant results through a complex formula, taking into account natural language, keyword usage, link building, and numerous other factors.

There’s no denying SEO itself is integral to increasing the visibility of your site across search engines, but web design itself is a component of SEO. Optimize your site to make the most relevant content easy to find.

Utilize more competitive keywords more often on the homepage or other highly visible pages. Burying important content will make it more difficult for the bots to find. You shouldn’t have any dead or buried links either.

Once you think you’ve got your perfect web design, keep optimizing! Check in at least once a month and continue to make adjustments as necessary.

Combine your SEO and web design and you’ll start to see better results. Need help? Call or email us today!

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