Thinking of Posting Someone Else’s Content?

Think Again!

Taking someone else’s content to pass off as your own isn’t only breaking copyright law, it’s bad for business. Aside from committing plagiarism, you’re being misleading.

Here are three reasons to always post original content

Bait and switch:

The last thing you want is for your customers to buy a product that looks…different than advertised. Sure, a Big Mac doesn’t always look identical to the advertisements, but at least it’s the same product. Don’t bait and switch your customers. 

Button being pressed on a kyeboard reading copyright infringement

Search engines:

Search engines reward you for producing original content. You wouldn’t take another business’s picture and pass it off as your own, so you wouldn’t take their words either. Use your own merits to interest your customers.

Show off:

Regardless of the nature of your business, the work you do matters. Take pictures of your work, post a video of your staff, or write about a positive interaction you had recently. Show off the fruits of your labor and make sure your customers see it.

Posting fresh, original content is the responsibility of every successful business.

Even household names like Coca-Cola still have to advertise or they’ll go stale. Is your business having trouble coming up with new content?

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