Is it Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?

Is your marketing strategy working?

When your window signs, radio ads, and other forms of traditional marketing go unseen and unheard, your marketing dollars get wasted.

At a time like this, you really can’t afford to be wasteful. 

After all, your marketing strategy is crucial to your digital presence.

What do you do?

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Utilize social media

From announcements to sales to simply reminding your customers your business is open, social media is king. Think how many times people stuck at home open up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the day. A couple of posts a week reminding folks you’re open, you’ve got a sale going on, etc. isn’t only recommended, it’s necessary!

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Think like a customer

 What would you want to see your business do right now? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and be relatable and try to do things user-friendly for the customer whenever possible. Even if you can’t offer delivery, try to offer curbside pickup. 


If you aren’t already offering your customers the ability to buy your products online, you need to do so yesterday. While the funeral proceedings for brick and mortar retail haven’t quite begun, the trends clearly indicate online shopping is here to stay!


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