How Important is Your Brand Reputation?

It might sound like a buzzword, but your brand is what makes your company unique: it’s your culture, history, and what folks think of you.

As such, it’s easy to see why branding is so much more than a buzzword and an integral piece of marketing strategy.

Think about grocery shopping. You probably don’t randomly grab items off the shelf. Like most folks, you have a preferred brand for almost everything you buy.

Why do people stick with their preferred brands?

Consumers are more than twice as likely to stay loyal to a brand they trust.

Whether it’s personal preference, admiration, or belief in a brand’s superior quality, brand loyalty matters.

How do you build brand loyalty?

It starts with churning out a quality product. Whether your product is hamburgers, home improvement, or something else, a quality product will sell better.

Communication is key; be receptive to complaints, suggestions, and change. Well-respected brands rarely go stale. Make the most of your social media presence.

Though it doesn’t hurt to aim high, try to stay logical. If you’re starting a soft drink company, don’t try to be more popular than Coca Cola right away. Focus on building a reputation in your community first and let the good word spread.

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